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Animal Dreams Wood Based Cat Litter
Animal Dreams Cat's Choice Woodbase Cat Litter Natural Wood based cat litter, biodegradable and h..
from £3.15
Bestpets Lightweight Cat Litter 30L
Quickly absorbs moisture and controls unpleasant odours. Lightweight cat litter helps to keep your p..
Bestpets Wood Based Cat Litter 30L
Ultra absorbent, biodegradable with a pine fragrance. Woodbase cat litter helps to keep your pet hap..
Bob Martin Felight Anti Bacterial Premium Cat Litter Crystals
Bob Martin Premium Litter Crystals revolutionise the traditional cat litter concept. The Crystal’s u..
Breeder Celect Paper Pellet Cat Litter
* A unique and patented Paper Pellet Cat Litter, pellets remain whole when wet but absorbs all urine..
from £6.85
Catsan Clumping Cat Litter 5 Litre
CATSAN Clumping Litter consist of very fine clay granules that immediately form small firm clumps wh..
Catsan Hygiene Cat Litter
CATSAN Hygiene Litter has distinct characteristics specifically developed to meet the natural needs ..
from £2.99
Pettex Pampuss Wood Based Cat Litter 30 Litre
With its high absorbency and advanced odour control, Pampuss is the perfect choice for any Cat or Ki..
Sanicat Aloe Vera 7 Days Cat Litter 4 Litre
7 days Aloe Vera is the perfect litter for busy pet owners who have little spare time. Because of it..
Sanicat Beauticat Wood Cat Litter
The top choice for pet owners who prefer natural products. Beauticat is a plant-based hygienic ..
from £7.30
Sanicat Classic Cat Litter 30L
Sanicat Classic is the perfect litter for pet owners and cats that like simple and natural products,..
Sanicat Clumping Cat Litter 20L
Sanicat Clumping is a traditional clumping cat litter. It forms clumps to aid easy removal of used l..
Sanicat Pink Cat Litter 30 Litre
Effective hygiene from clay. Lightweight cat litter that efficiently absorbs and controls odour..
Thomas Cat Litter
THOMAS Cat Litter - a purely natural product for reliable cat hygiene. SIMPLY CLEAN, RELIABLE &am..
from £2.65